Thursday, 26 June 2014

14 most absurd statements by Sonam Kapoor

If beauty without brains were a fascinating combination, Blonde jokes wouldn't be so popular! Case in Point- Sonam Kapoor. The self acclaimed Bollywood 'Fashionista', must think a 100 times before speaking, as she usually ends up making absurd statements which no one can relate to, understand or even digest!

Have a look at her most inappropriate, absurd and illogical comments below:

1. "If you are not good looking, you're a good actor"

Sonam feels this is the general perception of people!This is so funny! Looks are not a yardstick to judge someone's acting capabilities. Shabana Azmi, Kajol, Nandita Das, Ajay Devgnn- they might look average, but they are all wonderful actors; and so are Kareena Kapoor, Shah-Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, in spite of being super good looking!

2. " I am considered an Icon in my 20s, where people are considered icons in their 40s or after they die!"

I am sorry but someone needs to put some sense in this girl and give her a reality check! This self proclaimed 'fashion icon' thinks that she's achieved so much at such an early age! Dear Sonam, just FYI Saina Nehwal and Sania Mirza are both in their 20s and let's not even talk about which one of them has achieved more than you! If you look closer home, in Bollywood, need I remind you that Priyanka Chopra was crowned Miss World when she was just 17!

3. "Only Rubbish Reality Shows are doing well"

She was talking about television, and as per her, 'Reality Shows' are 'Rubbish'! Well, sorry to burst your bubble Sonam, but even these so called 'Reality Shows' have done better than most of your movies! 

4. " An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind was said by Robert De Niro"

Again, a usual case of Sonam Kapoor speaking before thinking! These words, to set the record straight, were said by Mahatma Gandhi- who also happens to be the 'Father of the Nation'. How could you imagine it's Robert De Niro! If Mahatma Gandhi would somehow magically have been alive, he would have committed suicide witnessing your stupidity!

P.S.Even Robert De Niro thinks that you're stupid! :p

5. " My fashion advice to Parineeti Chopra- Don't wear those tight clothes"

Such pearls of wisdom, eh? Sonam's fashion advice! Well Sonam, did Parineeti ever tell you not to dress like a tea pot when you were at the Cannes Film Festival last year! Or Say, did it ever occur to you that she might like wearing tight clothes and that's not something you can decide for her! 

6. " I want to become a director one day!"

Wow! Ms. Sonam Kapoor's stupidity and pompousness doesn't cease to amaze me! I think it's better if Sonam learns to act first and then thinks about plunging into directing which is obviously not a piece of cake! Not everyone is Farhan Akhtar!

7. "Vidya should dress like herself" and "Vidya should wear Saris and Pearls!"

I wish Sonam Kapoor had a mute button! Who are you to dictate what should and should not Vidya wear! I think Vidya might have done some fashion blunders in the past, as per the media; however, her superb acting abilities and back to back power packed performances in super-hit movies shut everyone's mouths! But Ms. Kapoor, still doesn't take a cue and she feels Vidya should dress like herself! Insecure Sonam lives in her own little world, where she feels everyone tries to imitate her or compete with her!

8. On Shobhaa De "For a 60- something Porn Writer, I am sure she knows what she's talking."

Seriously Sonam? This immature girl took to twitter to announce this statement when Shobhaa De (who is not only extremely elder to her but is a world renowned author and a respected film critique), said that "Sonam just doesn't cut it in the sex appeal stakes!". 

9. "People make so-called Art Films, why do they have to take like not good-looking people, like why?"

Someone seriously needs to find Sonam a brain! Have you forgotten 'Mithya' in which the extremely stunning Neha Dhupia was cast? And have you somehow managed to ignore 'Water' in which 'John Abraham' who is touted as one of the sexiest men in India, delivered a spectacular performance!

10.  "Deepika doesn't have her own style!"

.... And you don't have your own brain! You only have a mouth that can be used to blabber things like this! Clearly Sonam is jealous, as Deepika has out-shined everyone in the past year, by giving 4 back-to-back hits and making the headlines due to her wonderful performances as well as fashion choices too! 

11. " I have a relationship with my Pillow"

Now that's a dumb thing to say Sonam! Why would you say that? Next time, please remember to keep your mouth shut!

12. "I would give a sense of fashion to the entire industry! They all suck!"

Of course, they suck! Before you stepped into Bollywood 7 odd years back, they were all wearing rags! Ya right!!
It's one thing to be pompous Sonam, but it's all together a different thing to be so downright stupid that you feel everyone is inferior to you.

13. "Ranbir is not sexy unless he strips!" and " Ranbir needs a stylist"

Whoa! Why would you say that? It's not only immature and foolish to say things like these on a public platform but it's also insulting to the other person. Before making such remarks, did you ever consider how sexy others find you??

14. "You know when people get buried, the silicon gets left behind, after their body erodes"

Wow! Only if Sonam Kapoor had put her imagination skills to better use! In this particular statement she is talking about actresses who get implants done! I think Sonam herself is in severe need of an implant- Someone please implant a brain in that hollow head!

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