Wednesday, 18 June 2014

14 Signs You are Addicted to Starbucks India

" I'm sorry! Did you say you love CCD?? *Pukes* "

Those times are long gone! CCD, Barista and even Costa Coffee are passe. Starbucks is the new rage!
With those personalized cups, and oh-so-delicious flavors, they have us all drooling and getting hooked!
These are the 14 signs of a true Starbucks Addict!

1. Your Instagram is flooded with pics of Starbucks Cups with your name on them. 

2. The nearest outlet is like second home to you.

3. The Baristas at Starbucks don't only know your name, but are well acquainted with your family, friends and even pets!

4. You gift your friends and family Starbucks Merchandise for their Birthdays and Anniversaries.

5. You visit Starbucks more than 5 times a week. In fact, sometimes you visit several times a day!

6. You actually love the average tasting food that they serve.

7. You hate people who ask for small, medium Drink Sizes! Who doesn't know Tall, Grande and Venti!!

8. You don't have just one, but many favorites and staples at Starbucks!

9. You frown at people who come and ask for Tea at Starbucks. ( And no, they don't know what's 'Chai Latte')

10. You have a Starbucks Mug and Starbucks Branded Coffee at home, just in case.

11. No matter what the topic, you often start praising Starbucks out of nowhere in front of your family, friends, colleagues etc.

12. Sometimes, people catch you day-dreaming about Starbucks! You just can't concentrate on anything!

13. If someone asks you to suggest them what to order, you get excited and tell them the whole menu!! It's like a quiz you know all answers to.

14. You are willing to spend even the last remaining bit of your salary at Starbucks.

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  1. I just go there to steal Sugar napkin n straw