Monday, 9 June 2014

17 most annoying types of people you will encounter in Delhi Metro

1. The Sleeping Beauties

Who cares a shit? Long way to go? Let's just sleep! These people are so annoying, as they either keep falling over the next passenger or simply leave half their mouth open for everyone, to see their yellow teeth! Seriously, don't you like have a bed at home?

2. The Gang of Girls

Like encountering these similarly dressed, gossip mongers at work, college, school wasn't already enough; OMG! They're everywhere! Constantly blabbering and giggling, checking out guys and staring all women too, this gang of girls is every metro traveler's nightmare. 

3. The Spitters

They are annoying not just in and around the Delhi Metro, but practically everywhere. Seriously, go spit in a basin or sink somewhere!

4. The Perverts

They are the reason why there's a separate Ladies Coach in Delhi Metro. Need I say more.

5. The Seat Claimers

These people are super annoying; If you are sitting, they might come and ask you to get up, since, you know, as per them they deserve the seat more than you. But the worst kind of people in this category, are really those, who would come stand next to where you are sitting, won't say anything, but make a puppy face, try to look old and wipe their sweat off, so that you show sympathy and offer your seat!

6. The Sick Ones

Usually half dead, these people seem to find no other place to puke, or faint. 

7. The Phone Crazy ( surrounded by Peepers)

Their phone is their life. When in the Metro, they are either listening to music on their fancy phones or playing Candy Crush Saga! And of course, they are surrounded by Peepers, who hang over their shoulder and keep peeping into their phones!

8. The Kids

Now, well, no matter how cute and sweet they are, but when they are running from one end to another and creating a ruckus, they are nothing, but annoying!

9. The Humpty Dumpties

These people either come in with a lot of luggage, or a lot of their own weight; hence, they keep on falling. What do I say about them, who don't understand that the metro is already over crowded, and they must refrain from falling on other people!! 

10. The Creeps

These one or two weird looking people are there in all Metro Trains. They manage to scare you, by their creepy looks and constant stare.

11. The Forever Hungry

These are special kind of people who somehow always manage to be hungry; so much so, that they can't even hold off until they reach their destination, and they absolutely have to start munching inside the Metro itself!

12. The Stinkers

These are the most annoying people in my opinion. It especially disgusts me when some tall guy stands in such a way that my nose is right where her underarm is! Ewwwwww!! 

13. The Pole Dancers

When in thee Metro, these people mark their territory by clinging on to a pole; so much so, that it seems that they are trying to seduce someone by doing a pole dance!

14. The Loud Ones

Even if you are in the next coach, you would be able to hear them talking! Whether they are telling their maid what to cook for dinner, or just generally gossiping to the next person, you will not be spared, and you will have to know all the gory details of their life.

15. The Over-Friendly Ones

These people are the ones who will listen to your conversation or just have a mere look at you, and offer advice, suggestions and what not. 

16. The Lovey-Dovey Couple

OMG! They just can't get their hands off each other; not even inside the Metro! Seriously guys, get a room, before someone makes a video and you shoot to fame!

17. The Doorman

There is this one person in each coach of every Metro who stands right at the door! So Annoying! Get aside, and let people get in and go out at ease!


  1. haahhaahaha yeah!!! the gang of giggling girls and doorman r d most annoying!!!!!! there is another category too, d seat snatchers- who try to fit in the slightest space between and den sumhow manage to capture d whole seat "thoda sa adjust" hoke ;)

  2. "Goodness! You are one of the worst kinds of cynics I've ever seen! Its like all you see around is negativity" This is what came to my mind when I read your posts. but then I read your "About me" section and i understood. "Through miserably failed relationships, self-esteem issues and the unrequited yet never-ending love for life- there's a lot I have learnt; and I'm here to share" Share your insecurity. I understood where you came from. But yet what I failed to understand was how can you even manage to live with so much hate in you? So no one loves you, hence lets start a hate blog, cursing the whole mankind. I'm sure you turn your shower on, and cry everyday. I know you might write another blog about the people who hold prejudices, and love to give free suggestions, because that's all you can do. Hence I'll give it anyway. Change your blog's name to "Shikhaa Whines". And if I'm judging you, keep in mind, your'e judging everyone.

  3. Hi Anurag, Thanks a ton for taking out time to give your feedback and investing effort in my improvisation. I know it isn't really vital, but I am a very positive person and not the crying-in-the-shower kinds at all. I do, as a matter of fact, see and create a lot of positivity around me. Yes I've had failed relationships, doesn't mean I'm still obsessing over those. I have moved on, and I do not, hate anyone or live with hate! The motive of my blog posts, is not to demean, defame, criticize or curse anyone. It's normal sarcasm and humor.. You are requested to take it with a pinch of salt. :D

    Nevertheless, I don't mind you judging me, as yes, it's true, I judge people too! But nope, not entertaining your request to change my blog's name! That would be expecting too much from me, won't it now? :p

    Post all of this, if you still feel you have something to share, feel free to comment. You are as much entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. :)