Wednesday, 18 June 2014

15 Awesome Things to do at India Gate

Sure, Delhi doesn't have fancy beaches! But we do have our very own India Gate, where we can do all fun and amazing things.

1. Go for a Picnic!

India Gate is a wonderful place to go for a picnic or pot lunch with your family and friends on a warm winter noon.

2. Walk on Rajpath

Go for a stroll at Rajpath and enjoy the serenity of the place. Nothing would calm your senses more.

3. Click Pictures

Nothing like creating memories when visiting India Gate. Take Selfies or click group pictures. Say Cheeeeeeese!

4. Lovely Chuski

Beat the summer heat by feasting on yummy and refreshing Chuski from 'Lovely Chuski'- the best in Delhi.

5. Enjoy the Night View

The night view at India Gate is breathtakingly beautiful. The lighting is just perfect and a midnight visit is definitely worth it.

6. Lie Down and Watch the Stars

Relax, unwind and lie down at night to just watch the stars. the peace you will feel in your heart makes this worth giving a shot.

7. Play Cricket

India Gate is the perfect place to get together with your family and friends for a friendly cricket match. The huge grounds make the entire experience extremely amazing.

8. Admire the perfect blend of Indian and European Architecture.

While at India Gate, do not forget to closely admire the perfect blend of Indian and European Architecture that is a rare sight.

9. Be Patriotic

Send out a prayer to those soldiers and martyrs of World War-ll whose names are inscribed on India Gate.

10. Gorge on Bhutta

Nothing like garam garam Bhutta  on a rainy evening! Grab one for yourself while at India Gate! Enjoy it with a cup of tea! Bliss!

11. Boat Ride

When the weather is right, a Boat Ride at India Gate will make your day!

12. Watch the Sunset and Sunrise

Like I said, Delhi doesn't have fancy beaches, but we do have India gate where watching the Sunset and Sunrise is a pure delight.

13. Kite Flying

Kite flying isn't a lost cause already! For those of you who love it, the open lawns of India Gate beckon you.

14. Ice Cream

If Delhi was a country, India Gate would be it's Ice Cream Capital. With so many brands and options to choose from, no one would judge you for eating more than one.

15. Make yourself heard

With the Presidential residence right there, India Gate is the perfect place to make yourself heard. Raise your voice against something you feel is incorrect, and supporters will join you in your battle against injustice.

Bonus: If you are the adventurous kind like me, and crave for some fun, feel free to bust those couples behind trees!! :p


  1. reading your post just made me remember how much i miss Delhi :( the times spent at India Gate has been one of my favorite moments in Delhi. Though i study in Bangalore now i cant wait to go back to Delhi in Oct and visit India Gate!

  2. Haha ! We love India Gate Sukanya, don't we? Let's hope October comes soon!!