Sunday, 8 June 2014

The 6 people everyone dislikes!

1. Bosses

There are no qualms in accepting that we do, as a matter of fact, dislike our bosses! No matter who he/she is; we do end up finding a reason to hate them! No one likes their bosses! In fact if you ask me, I think they don't even have to put in much effort or go out of their way to make us dislike them- they just have to be themselves and voila! 

2. Current Boyfriend/Girlfriend of our EXs

There is something so special about the current love interests of our EXs that we somehow end up hating them! Sometimes we compare them to our own superior self, and go like "Pleaseee... I am so much better!". It really, honestly doesn't matter whether or not we like our EX or not; it doesn't even make a difference how we broke up with them or if we are in touch with them or not. The only thing that matters is, we hate who they are with now! Their choice sucks! Yes, it does!

3. EXs of our Current Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Well, what do they say about not being able to clap with a single hand! It's a two way street, really- this one, definitely! Constant comparisons, jealousy and even how they basically live their lives becomes a self-inflicted problem for us. We want them to go live on another planet if possible. It doesn't even matter if they are in your boyfriend's or girlfriend's present or not... Their presence in the past is more than enough to haunt us! Needless to say, we hate them!

4. The one who's dating your Crush

Now, this is one person we wouldn't even make an effort to like! Seriously, what's their deal anyway? If we like someone, they are supposed to like us back, not some random, other person who comes out of nowhere. In fact, sometimes we secretly wish they break up, just because we want our crush to be exclusively ours!!!! Just kidding, not sometimes,  we pray they break up, every.single.time that we see them!

5. Best Friend's Best Friend

This is my personal favorite; as in, out of all the people mentioned in this entire article, I hate this one the most. Partially, this might be due to the fact, that I do believe I suffer from Athazagoraphobia in a certain minimal 'Let's not freak out' kind of a way. But seriously, these people, I wanna punch in the face! You know all those people, telling you how they know your best friend better, and how they just sit next to them and whisper things in their ears at any given chance! Seriously dude, go get your own best friend!! And Life!! 

6. George R R Martin

Seriously, I fail to understand this man's perspective! If there is anyone in this whole wide world who has killed the maximum number of people I love, it has to be him! First Ned Stark, then Robb Stark ( with Catelyn and Talisa) and now Prince Oberyn! Seriously, what on earth did I do to deserve that!! If you are a Game Of Thrones fan, I know you empathize with me! He is a wonderful and perhaps the most amazing writer no doubt, but seriously STOP KILLING PEOPLE.

P.S.- This article is only meant for fun and entertainment purposes only. It's extremely generic, and doesn't intend to defame or harm anyone or their feelings in any way, whatsoever.


  1. My list
    1. Boss
    2. Boss
    3. Boss
    4. Boss
    5. Boss
    6. Boss

  2. Boss boss boss...!! In my initial days, I was like, "aww, he is such a nice man.." ..and then I was soon slapped down by reality..!! He literally thinks I am a robot... :/