Sunday, 28 August 2016

The 6 Stages of a modern day Break Up !

1. 'The Talk'

So the very first stage of a break-up is where two individuals maturely decide to move their seperate ways.It usually starts with a 'we need to talk' situation and then takes a life of it's own. After some bitter or saddening exchanges (at times, just random chit-chat), the final decision to finish things off is taken.

2. 'Newly Single'

The second stage of a break up is when you realize you're single and you actually cherish your new found freedom and want to date whoever you can. So you consciously or subconsciously; start hitting on that colleague use always had the hots for, that friend of a friend who you had been fancying, that 'new girl/guy' you bump into at a party and even that old friend of yours who you always thought you'd end up with! This stage is very adventurous to say the least!

3. ' The Reconsidering'

Stage 3 necessarily involves a lot of reconsideration. Once all the 'newly single' drama has settled, you find yourself feeling lonely, missing your 'Bae' and contemplating if your break up was actually a big mistake. This stage is extremely vital because this is where you actually realize that you have to either move on, or go back!

4. 'My Life is a mess'

So finally, at the fourth stage, it actually hits you that you're single- as single as you can be! And this realization is not like that in stage 2 (where your wandering eyes spare no member of the opposite sex); it's more about becoming self aware and coming to terms with your relationship finally being over and feeling saddened and directionless about it. So in actual, you do end up feeling like your life is a mess and you don't really have an idea as to what you're going to do next!

5. 'Happens'

Once you come to terms with the idea of having broken up, is when you realize this 'happens' to everyone. You see that colleague who dealt with a nasty break up but is now happily married; you see that childhood friend of yours who came out of a 6 year relationship but now, is the happiest single around; and you see that college roomie who went on to achieve great things in life irrespective of their relationship status! So you realize that maybe, just maybe, life doesn't revolve around relationships after all, and that there's still hope for you.

6. 'Moving On'

"When we're young, everything seems like the end of the world"- 17 Again

It's true; but fortunately when a relationship ends, it doesn't mean the end of the world for you. The final stage is where you realise that the relationship that ended was a 'part' of your life, and not your life itself. You also come to terms with being your fabulous self all over again; and as I always say, when you can finally look back and tell your story, without a tear rolling down your cheek, is when you know that you've moved on!

P.S. This is the best stage for some self love, self indulgence, catching up with old pals, discovering your passions and pursuing your hobbies! Do it!

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