Monday, 5 September 2016

Date him or Dump him?

Hello Ladies!

So if you've flocked here, thinking there's going to be advice on whether or not you are going in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right man, I apologize in advance; as this piece of writing is going to disappoint you a bit.

The only advice you're going to get here, is that you should definitely DUMP him!
Yes, you read that right.

But, well, don't dump him, because you don't think he's the man you thought he would be. Don't dump him because he doesn't have time for you as he's busy working through the day. Don't dump him because of the person he is; and definitely, don't dump him because he doesn't buy you the expensive gifts you were hoping to get!

However, still, DUMP him!

 Dump him, because you're reading this! Yes! because the very reason that you clicked on this link, in the first place was that you were contemplating calling it quits with the man in your life; and he, doesn't deserve that!

So yes, dump him! But dump him because you're half-heartedly involved in this relationship; dump him because you have trust issues; dump him because you're a self-centred person who doesn't love him enough to make this work and lastly, dump him because he deserves better!

Don't look for excuses to end a relationship, and more importantly, don't ponder over it! Do it right away if that's what you want. Don't string along someone who you're dicey about. Having said that, there is no piece of writing in this whole wide world that can help you decide or better still, make the decision for you.

Because when it comes to the matters of the heart; listen to what your heart has to say!

But in your heart, also know, that no one on the face of this earth, is perfect- not your parents, not your friends, not the man you're with; and not even you- no matter how perfect you look or seem.