Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Happiness and Mr. Dreamy

Just like everyone else, I too had a feeling that I'll meet the love of my life on a plane- where luck would have seated us side by side. Maybe we would strike a conversation, fall in love in typical meet-cute fashion, and then meet each other's families once we get off, get married, have cute little babies with cute little names and then live happily ever after!

Every single time though, I'd be disappointed to be seated next to an old lady, or a new mother with a crying infant, or a middle aged man with gastric issues. Next to a handsome man? Never. But this time, on my way to Delhi, as I boarded my early morning flight, I had no hopes or thoughts about being seated next to a hot guy- yet there he was!

"Excuse me, Is this bag yours?"- he asked, picking up my bag from his seat. For a minute there, I got lost in his dreamy eyes, and though I could hear his completely erotic voice- I couldn't get a response out of my already parted lips. "Yes! I'm sorry"- I muttered after getting back to reality. As he handed over my bag to me, and I got to touch his soft yet strong hands- I knew the next 3 hours were going to be oh-so-amazing.

Once the flight took off, I started thinking about how to start a conversation with Mr. Dreamy. Before I could make up my mind on a conversation starter, he asked me if I stayed in Delhi or Bangalore. And if you know me, you'd know I never answer in sentences- I answer in paragraphs and so I began! We discussed both the cities. I got to know he was essentially a Delhi guy and was in Bangalore for work. I told him about my situation too, and his next question put me in a fix.

"Where are you the happiest?- Delhi or Bangalore?"- He asked. I took a minute to think; because Delhi had family, friends and an amazing social life; while Bangalore had the job that I love and of course, a pleasant weather. But in all honesty, and this is what I told Mr. Dreamy too- I'm the happiest when I'm at 35000ft above sea level. Yes, I'm the happiest on flights. With no connect to the outside world; and the excitement of going to a new place, or the comfort of getting back to the familiar- is what makes me the happiest.

Travel has always been my thing. I have such a love for exploring places, meeting new people, getting to know about different cultures, buying the local stuff there- it's true, I'm the happiest when I'm on a plane, mid air. When I turned the tables on Mr. Dreamy however, and asked him the same question, he gladly gave me my favorite and most used bollywood cliche - "Tumhaari khushi mein hi meri khushi hai"!

Could he be any more 'Bollywood'? Of Course i gave him my number when he asked.

The highlight of the flight was not Mr. Dreamy however- because I don't think we are so in love that the cute babies seem a possibility. Are we getting there? Maybe. But what was major about the flight incident was that I learnt where my true happiness lies- and it's in travelling. So here's hoping I can make 2018 the year of travel. And while I pursue that, if I can find someone like Mr. Dreamy, who makes me go like Rachel on friends, and actually "Get off the plane"- that'd be nice too!

What does your happiness lie in?

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