Monday, 25 December 2017

2017- The year in men!

Now now now, before you judge me, you should know I'm just another girl with an ongoing quest for Mr. Right and an incorrigible heart that refuses to give up. 2017- my quest and hunt reached another level- as I encountered a different man every month- yet as fate would have it, the quest is still on, and Mr. Right is still out of sight.

January, I met Mr. Cute Smile- who said I'm too caring for his taste! Needless to say, that didn't last.

February, even without having met him, I developed this liking for Mr. E. Not my usual type, but he seemed like he was more than just some boxes on my checklist, so I made up my mind to leave everything else and pursue him.

March, I met Mr. Self Absorbed, who could only talk about himself. I also met Mr. All Rounder who had all the talents but still bored me to death.

April 2017, an arranged marriage proposal came my way. This time, I thought he was Mr. Right- until he asked if we could have a trial run to see how compatible we are sexually before we decide to get married. Men and their sexpectations- ugh!

Then came May, and brought along Mr. Maggi Noodles, who fell in love with me in 2 minutes. Surprisingly, he hadn't ever heard about the term 'consent'- probably he was living under a huge rock.

June brought along the most handsome foreigner that I had ever laid eyes on. Younger than me, but with the most chiseled cheek bones- he had 3 amazing qualities- good-looks, good-looks and good-looks. But when he knocked on my door- being the pseudo prude that I am, I turned down a hook-up opportunity.

July, aah, well, just when I had decided to make it a now or never thing in the pursuit of Mr. E, he finally decided to come out of hiding and meet me.

With August, came in Party guy, who with his charm and cute looks, definitely grabbed my attention. If my focus hadn't been on Mr. E- maybe party guy would've gotten a chance to be Mr. Right. Also, since I had to move to Bangalore, I told him to hold his horses as starting something new wouldn't have made any sense.

September was the month when I met Mr. Perfect- he was the epitome of how I'd like Mr. Right to be. There was chemistry, attraction, and a lot of flirting- yet I had to pass because even though he was perfect, he wasn't Mr. E.

October brought in another version of Mr. E- one that I was unaware even existed- almost too good to be true. From a guy who didn't respond to texts for days- he became this guy who would text me before I'd even open my eyes. He exuded appreciation, care, concern and love- and I thought here is Mr. Right- I should definitely stop looking- but fate had some other plans, as October's effects didn't last till November.

Sweet November- unlike the movie, my November wasn't so sweet- there was lot of emotional turmoil and confusion! But November brought back Mr. Perfect from from September, who seems like he doesn't want to give up on trying here. He even invited me to his party, and wanted to introduce me to his friends as the woman he wants. If and only if, I wanted him too. But well never say never!

December has essentially been about 2 men- with me meeting Mr. Dreamy on the flight and Party Guy making a comeback from August! Spoilt for choice December- as I'd like to put it!

All in all, it has been a pretty interesting year- but did I find Mr. Right? No! Did I come close to finding Mr. Right? Yes! Would I like to relive a month? October- definitely. Would I like to erase a month? May without a doubt. So here's hoping next year there's less men to talk about- In fact let's hope I get to talk about only 1 of them- Mr. Right. And may next year be more blissful and happier than October 2017. What was your favourite month in the past year?

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