Thursday, 24 April 2014

5 tell tale signs that she has friend-zoned you (and how you can try escape it !!)

Into a girl but not sure about her feelings? You think she likes you,but maybe just as a friend?
I suggest, go through this checklist and know for yourself, if you are a friend, or more!

1. No Make Up and Pyjamas

So she's casual and comfy around you? So what? You might feel it's no big deal!
But beware, if a girl is into you, she'll always dress to impress, and
would always put her best foot forward.

If she doesn't care how she looks around you, you have successfully
been friendzoned.

Escape: Girls love compliments. Compliment her even when she doesn't
dress up. This will indicate that you're taking notice and she might
start dressing up around you and taking your feelings a tad bit more

2. Hugs

Wow! The girl hugs you and a sudden rush of blood moves into a lot of
different parts of your body and you start thinking.. "Dude. she's
into me!"
Sorry to burst your bubble, but NO, she's not into you. When a girl is
into you, she is usually awkward with touch, not to mention an entire

So, this chance that you're getting to feel her against you, NAH! Don't take it!

Escape: Next time she hugs you, tell her upfront that it makes you
feel uncomfortable. If she's not a dumb blonde, she's most likely to
get the hint.

3. The Details

Do you know what's on her shopping list? Do you know about all the boring crap on her mind? Do you also know when is her period due? 
If your answer to the above questions is yes, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have successfully made it to the friendzone! In fact, to her, you might be one of the 'GIRLS'.

Escape: Run Away now!! Tell her you don't wish to discuss topics like make up, shopping, PMS etc as they are not appealing to you. Draw the line.

4. Boyfriend Alert

Duh-uh! Isn't it obvious? If she is dating someone, or begins to date someone who she met after meeting you, then YES my friend, very obviously, you are in the friendzone.

Escape: The only escape here is to share your true feelings. She'll either dump him or you'll know where you stand.

5. Flirt No More

The biggest warning sign is when a girl doesn't flirt with you, not even a bit.
So, if you don't receive random compliments from her, or she doesn't even look at you sensually, or if she never really deliberately touches you; it's quite safe to assume that you're in the friendzone!

Escape: You initiate flirting. Be Subtle- compliment her, appreciate her efforts and occasionally share glances with lust in your eyes.