Saturday, 26 April 2014

18 things you should not say to a girl.. (Unless you want her to leave you and never come back)

1. XYZ (another female) looks better than you.
I will kill you in my mind.


2. You look fat in that dress.
OMFG! Like you never look fat! So, what?


3. Can you really eat all of that?
WTF is your problem!


4. My ex used to.. (insert nice things your ex used to do..)
So go back to the b**ch!

5. You sound/behave just like XYZ (another female).
Can you for one second, stop thinking about her! I'm right here.. for god's sake!

6. She's hotter than you.
So? Ian Somerhalder is the hottest of all!!!!!! Do i ever compare you to him??

7. Your friend is really hot. I really like her.

8. You don't look good today.
You don't look good any day!! I still tolerate you, and keep my mouth shut, don't I?

9. Are you on your period? You're behaving like it!
This- Never say this! 

10. You're too smart for a girl!
And you're too dumb for a person!! Like really!

11. You don't know how to drive!
Ask the men I drive crazy :p

12. You're wrong!
No you're Wrong!For thinking that I am wrong!!

13. You can't do it.
Oh and you can?Do it then!!

14. Girls have it all easy!!
Really? Go through periods every month and then we'll talk about who has it easy!

15. Why do you hang out so much with guys?
Umm.. because they're nice! Dude, WTF is your problem?

16. You shop too much?
Okay! So, I don't remember borrowing money from you for that!

17. Do you like me and/or have feelings for me?
Duh-uh if it was a simple yes or no, you would have already known! And seriously, first you tell me if you like me!

18. Can I kiss you?
Stupid man, just do it already! I'll cry rape if I am not interested, but seriously, don't ask before kissing! Big turn off!