Wednesday, 30 April 2014

11 lies you need to STOP telling yourself.

1. I have nothing to worry about!

Seriously? Nothing? Think Again!

2. I am over him/her! I have moved on!

Hahahahaha this is funny! Seriously, get your shit together!

3. I am a strong person.

Wow! So you don't feel bad, or cry, and you're always awesome?

4. One day, someday, he/she will fall for me. They'll love me the way I love them.

Too Bad, but SORRY, not gonna happen! Get over it!

5. I am not that fat.

Really? So mirrors lie, cameras lie and so do other people!

6. I do not love him/her.

Yes you do! You so do!

7. I am not jealous.

Oh really? That's interesting! You wanna make more jokes?

8. I am not too drunk ! I can do this.

Really? Do you want to be embarrassed the morning after?

9. I'll start dieting tomorrow.

Seriously, everyone knows, this tomorrow, never gonna come baby! Do yourself a favor, start TODAY!

10. He/ She is just a good friend. Just that.

Funny! I refuse to believe you.

11. Someone, Somewhere is made for me.

Naah! Too much optimism here.. it's your life, not a movie!


  1. dats funnnyyyyy nd true tooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! so many out of these are applicable to me as well ;) :P :D :D :D...LIKE!!!!!!! so shikha connggooooo on ur blog first nd keep postin!!!!!!!!! :)