Monday, 12 February 2018

Valentine's Day Chronicles!

Yes, Yes, Yes - I know and remember I have to share some more Thailand stories; but well the timing is such that there's nostalgia in the air, and Valentine's Day? Just round the corner.

My earliest memory of an eventful valentines day dates back to 2009- I was in love with my best friend at the time, and blacked out because of drinking too much, To this day, I don't remember the events that went down that day.

2010- Happily attached to my long distance boyfriend, it was a mundane day, just with an extra dose of mush.

2011? Late evening pizza date with bae! And a beautiful ring for a present! Couldn't have asked for anything more.

2012 Valentine's Day I was sick and in bed. Maybe for the best that is.

Come 2013, and it was my first Valentine's dealing with a fresh heartbreak. And honestly, if there's any Valentine's that I'll remember for life- it's this one. Me and a friend decided to sit and drink from dawn till dusk; except she got drunk sooner and me being the mom I am ended up looking after her while she decided to indulge in a very public make out sesh- all while I was dealing with a stalker who 'loved my skin' and got me chocolates every 3 minutes. I still look back to that day and my heart fills with gratitude for Kabir who came in like Superman and saved the day!

2014? Nothing special. It was one of those years when I really enjoyed being single!

2015 had me craving attachment- to shoes, bags and wonderful pieces of clothing. So I spent my Valentine's day shopping with the girls.

For 2016's Valentine's Day, me and the friends decided to plan a short getaway- to get away from the smell of roses, everything pink and overpriced chocolates.

And when came 2017, we decided to have a singles only party. Me and the girl gang did have hopes of finding someone special there- of course- considering the only guy I did like that time- responded to my Valentine's Day wish with 'cool'. Each alphabet in 'Cool' pierced through my heart.

All in all, if I look back, I don't think anything can outdo or replace the adventures of Valentine's 2013! But over the years I've realised that Valentine's is just like any other day- if you're single or happily committed. Because someone who loves you wouldn't treat you differently just because the calendar has a different date drawn up- and if you're single- isn't it just another day at work?

Also, the past 10 years have been full of good, bad, and sometimes unworthy V-Days. Makes me wonder how life changes. I've literally gone from being in love with the best friend, to dating Mr. Wrong and to falling for the guy who responds with a 'cool'. So point being, if you have a sucky day this 14th feb, stay optimistic- I hope your Mr. Right/ Ms. Right responds with something that's better than 'cool'.

Honestly however, I don't get all the fuss around V-Day. Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe this is what they call maturing aka not falling prey to the marketing gimmicks that these days are. In my opinion, if you're attached or you fancy someone, do wish them- but that's that! Don't opt for extravagant gestures, or fancy presents- save them for birthdays, anniversaries or proposals.

Me here? If Mr. Right so much as wishes me on Valentine's- I'll be a happy girl! If he doesn't? Well then, I will. And hopefully, the response will not be 'cool'. But from hereon, Valentine's day, for me,will be just another day- business as usual- no expectations, no drama, no overrated and exaggerated presents. But guess I'll still keep the tradition of wearing pink or red going- because who doesn't love to play dress up?

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