Monday, 22 January 2018

A Perfect Life!

As I leave for my vacation tonight- sitting at the airport, looking at people, I realise everyone's at a different point in their life. There's someone crying for they have to move away from their loved ones, there's someone excited to go on their honeymoon and then there's someone who's exhausted from travelling for work.

Over the past few days- some friends, some colleagues, some relatives- everyone has told me how jealous they are that I get to take a break and go for my vacay. And over the past few months, I've also been approached by people who read my blog, and keep up with my life- and I have been told how jealous they are as my life is perfect! Tonight, I've decided to set the record straight!

Ladies, those of you who mention being envious of of how many men approach me or how my life is full of mysterious and amazing guys- you should know that the only guy I want in my life doesn't want me back.

Those of you who think I'm always going from one city to another or travelling around- you should know that being away from home kills me, and I have absolutely no one to keep me company in the city that I'm presently in.

People who say they feel jealous of the number of friends I have, should know that some very important friends have backstabbed me over the years and I have lost touch with most of the people I knew growing up.

The point is, everything comes at a cost! And ups and downs are a part of life. My life is far from perfect- it's a mess to be honest- I'm in a city that I don't like or have friends in; I'm in a relationship that exists only in my head and the man in question couldn't care less; my parents have given me an ultimatum on zeroing upon a guy to tie the knot with, while I still struggle to understand my own feelings; I mostly spend weekends watching re-runs of "Friends"! And to top it all, my new job is a big change from my previous line of work, and poses a big challenge!

I'm not saying there are no positives about my life- of course I write about those, so there are. The truth is, there's enough negativity and sadness in all of our lives in general that subjecting my readers to the sadness in mine, doesn't seem fair.

Having said that, I would just want you to know that we are all like these people at the airport- we're all going somewhere, and we've all come from somewhere! We all are just in different phases of life- some of us are sad, some of us are happy, some are excited and some are just plain exhausted. But the point is, time's going to change, circumstances will change, and we will change and who knows maybe the next time you're at the airport- you'll be the happiest person there! I'm hoping I'll be the happiest once I'm back from my vacation.

Till then, don't draw comparisons- learn lessons from my life, but don't be jealous- I have more problems than you can possibly imagine- but I'm getting by, just like I'd like you to! Know that "Perfection" is a myth- the truth is life is unfair to all, and that's why it's fair!

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