Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The 18 women you better NOT date

1. Ms. Know-it-all

This woman has a say on everything under the sun; from pizza to Ibiza, from gum to rum, from scones to phones- she knows it all. If her being excessively knowledgeable wasn't enough, she also doesn't hesitate to start up an entire heated discussion, making you feel like you are dating Jhansi-ki-Rani.

2. Ms. Mean Girl

Oh yes, she is dominating, but she's also blunt, cold and just plain mean. She won't only be downright rude to you and others around you, but will also not bat an eyelid before taking complete charge of your life.
She's your nightmare, you just don't know it yet.

3. The 'In it to Win it' Woman

This woman is always competing. She will compete for everything in her life, including your attention. For her everything is a competition, and she will always try and win. She will always look perfect and put her best foot forward in all cases. But beware, as she will also treat you as a prize she won and will not hesitate to dump you once she feels there's no one she's competing with for your love and attention.

4. Ms. Use n Throw

This girl will slowly seep in your life seeming all perfect but before you know it, you'll be paying her bills, driving her around and in worst case scenarios doing her laundry and answering her phone too. Watch out! This woman is a vampire in disguise and will suck all your money, happiness and freedom without you even getting to know it; and then she'll dump you when you have no money, no friends and no life. Don't let the innocent face take you for a ride.

5. Ms. Touch me not

So you find a perfect girl. She is pretty, caring and loves you too. It's all good, till you don't try to touch her; because the moment you touch her, hell befalls. She's weird! Stay Away!

6. The Social Butterfly

One of the toughest decisions she has to make everyday is to finalize which party to go to. Yes, she will literally rock your life. She is jobless, yet wears stylish clothes. Ladies night is her favorite and she gulps down drinks, one after another. The problem with her is that if you date her for too long you'll be jobless too. Hauz Khas Village will replace your office and she'll dump you once she finds someone more 'happening'.

7. The Stalker

She's snoopy and she's always one step ahead of you. You may or may not remember what you did when, but she will remember, and she will remember it well. You can never lie to this girl or cheat her because she already knows everything, including where you are and with whom. You never know, she might actually run her own detective agency.

8. The Bollywood Diva

She's gorgeous, she's hot, has perfect looking hair and a wardrobe that would put small time actresses to shame. She's an absolute epitome of perfection with those long legs and perfect pout. The only problem is that for her you are nothing more than an arm candy and depending on her financial condition, you might just be her bank account too. She'll dump you like they do in the movies, for someone hotter or someone richer. Till then, worship those long legs!

9. The Sympathy Seeker

This woman will leave no stone unturned to appear like a damsel in distress. Her favorite dialogues include:
  • I don't understand why everyone hates me! What have I done?
  • Why do all wrong things happen with me?
  • Maybe I am too good for this world.
  • Oh, I am new to the city, I don't know anything.
  • I am so hurt right now.
  • I tried, but...

10. The Drunkard

This woman is special. She's willing to go an extra mile, but not for you, for Daaru. She's almost always drunk, and cleaning her puke will become your part time job if you date her for too long. Simple and Clear- Stay Away!

11. The Fitness Maniac

Of course there is nothing wrong in dating a woman who is way more physically fit than you. So what if she has Abs and you have flab! But it won't be so pleasing when she takes you for a run at 5am every morning and creates a ruckus if you miss gym one day.

12. Ms. Calorie Conscious

This woman will never order anything more than a salad. She is always counting her calories and putting in her best efforts to stay in shape. Going out with her for lunch or dinner dates is impossible, as you will either need to feast like a king all by yourself or she will order a salad and eat your fries. In both cases- Naah! Not Happening! 

13. The Frenemy

This almost perfect woman will pretend to love your friends and be nice to them. However, one day you will wake up to realize you aren't friends with those people anymore. This type of woman slowly and steadily plots the exit of your friends from your life, while seeming all naive and innocent. When she says she loves your friends, she really doesn't mean it. Wake up, you need to break up!

14. Daddy's Little Princess

She's not only pampered to the hilt of being spoilt, but she also comes with a set of expectations- Expectations that are higher than anything you can imagine. It's almost impossible to satisfy this one- Buy her a ring and she'll want a Tiara. Plus the added comparisons to Daddy Cool, not so cool after all. 

15. The Shopaholic

This one needs no reason to shop. Sale or no Sale- her never ending quest for the best clothes, shoes and bags keeps her on the prowl. She shops when she's happy and she shops when she's sad! Keep your finances sorted with this woman and you don't have anything to worry about, but that seldom happens.

16. Ms. Suspicious

If it was really up to this woman, she would always keep you in front of her eyes. She is not only over possessive, but crazy too. While you are at your work desk in office, she gets visions of you making out with someone hotter. So unless you find that kinky, and want to keep her informed about your whereabouts every second of the day, this woman is better to stay away from.

17. The Weeper

Happy or Sad- she's always crying. You will have to think 10 times before you say something to this girl as you don't want her to start crying again. You will never see her smile, and this overly emotional woman will make your life frustrating and unbearable. Avoid her.

18. Miss Futuristic

So you just started dating, and she has already planned your honeymoon? Is she already deciding the names of your children too? Looks like this woman is on the fast track! You, however, need to dump this woman and catch your pace.

The above article does not intend to offend anyone. If you have other types of women in mind, please feel free to share your views and opinions in the comments section below.  :)


  1. Some are combos of these types... You know those are the ones not to be dated but you do it anyway

  2. And one post on the "types" to be dated is requested

  3. Lol hey shikha, got a good blog here. ^.^ came across it via facebook! Checked with the blogger profile, uhm you dont have a follow option? :(
    Ps: Sabeeha here lol

  4. Haha you can follow the page on facebook :)


  5. as i said already...hate people categorized under 9...!!! and my fiance has hard time fighting the "shopaholic" me :(

  6. Haha that's every woman's story Madhubani :D