Friday, 16 May 2014

The 18 Men you better NOT date

1. Mr. Commitment Phobic

This man is perfect, except for the fact that he doesn't seem to acknowledge your existence in front of his friends and family. Also, words like 'relationship', 'marriage', 'couple' and even 'us', might send him running in the opposite direction. So say NO to this man, who will probably never Man Up!

2. Mr. Touchy

This one likes to touch- every now and then. He is obviously not interested in you, but only your body! Lust, not love, is what's on his mind. Do yourself a favor and dump him because it won't be so nice when he will get all touchy feely with other girls too. 

3. Mr. Model

So here's a seemingly perfect guy; sad part is, he only seems perfect. Those hot looks and picture perfect abs won't do much good when you realize he takes more time than you to get ready and has to click a minimum of 800 selfies per day.

4. The Male Chauvinist

He will never ever leave a chance to show you down. He's that guy who got punished in high school for fighting with girls. You don't want him in your life. Seriously, you are better off without him.

5. The alcoholic

Please let's get out of Aashiqui2 and see the real alcoholics for a change! Not so sexy, right? So unless you want to spend 4 hours a day being someone's part time maid, psychiatrist and feelings dumpster, stay the hell away!

6. The Eternal Flirt

Who doesn't appreciate healthy flirting? But seriously, this guy needs to draw a line! No one wants to be with a man who is always chasing after other women, winking at them and uses his cheesy yet filthy pick up lines at the drop of a hat!

7. Mr. Devdas

Yeah SRK had us all swooning with his Devdas act, but this guy is no SRK. This heartbroken man, seldom has much to say or offer. He will keep obsessing over his long lost love or long gone ex, and you will be taken for a ride, so escape now, unless you are Chandramukhi !!

8. Mr. I Love You

This man falls in love too often, too soon and too much. He is NOT, i repeat, he is NOT in love with you, he is love with the idea of being in love. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and is always on the lookout for someone he can fall in love with. He always feels he has found his one true love, until one day he gets bored or finds someone more interesting. 

9. Mr. Money Minded

He is a special kind of species that is definitely not a rare one. Always on the look out for filthy rich females, such men are more bothered about your bank balance than your mental balance. A day will come when he will dump you for someone richer, if he does find her.

10. Mr. Smarty Pants

This wonderful pompous man thinks he knows everything and is always ready with a knowledgeable lecture. A relationship with him will prove to be prolific if and only if you are deaf or really really enjoy listening to lectures. Oh, and also, be ready for regular quiz contests. 

11. The Faker

Meet The Faker who fakes everything from his accent to his life! There is nothing real about this guy. Everything is made up! Its easy to spot him- Lot of hair gel, over-sized belts, photo-shopped pictures on Facebook and man jewelry ( who invented that, anyway)- in short, TACKY! Please stay away from this man unless you want to be a part of the social circle where people go like " Broda.. Whads up? I hear you find new bhabhiji for us yo! "

12. Mr. Too Good to be true

Well, once in a while we do come across that one guy who is just perfect and our heart skips a beat, and we ask ourselves, "Why didn't I meet him before?" Some people might call me insane (maybe I am), but stay the hell away from this guy! You don't know what skeletons he is hiding in his closet! Maybe its all just a facade. What if he is just pretending to be that nice? Maybe he spent years in rehab! It's real life, not a fairy-tale, there are no Princes!! 

13. Mr. Price Tag

He has the latest gadgets, the most expensive car and a suit collection that even Barney Stinson would envy! And he loves to show it all off. In short, unless you are after his money, don't date this ' Ameer Baap ki Bigadi Aulad' 

Oh wait! If he's totally hot and makes you go weak in the knees, just date him yaa! :p

14. The Creep

No one likes to be spied on! And unless, K-K-K Kiran.. is your thing, kindly stay away from this over-possessive obsessed lover who's favorite yet most terrifying dialogues are:

" Main tumhe bhool jaau yeh ho nahi sakta, aur tum mujhe bhool jaao yeh main hone nahi doonga!"

" Agar tum meri nahi ho sakti, toh tum kisi ki nahi ho sakti!"

15. Mr. Self Absorbed

He is obsessed with himself- his good looks, his fancy car, his new haircut, his phone, his clothes, his style, his shoes, his favorite cuisine, his fantasies and basically everything about his own self. For him you are merely a prop- your existence won't make a difference, as he will still click 100 selfies a day, brush his hair 10 times and wash his oh-so-good looking face 5 times, even if you're gone.

16. Too Fast Too Furious

Does it take him one second to go from laughing to shouting? Congratulations, you've landed yourself the too fast too furious  man! You always have to think 100 times before saying something to such guys as you don't know what might tick them off! So it's just better to save yourself the drama and maintain a safe distance.

17. The Boy

He is the boy who refuses to become a man! When you talk about your feelings, he will offer you a Pizza; When you discuss relationship and commitments, he'll make cute faces and when you talk about your career going down the drain, he'll ask you if you need to borrow some cash! In short, his mental level won't ever match yours, so please let go of him before he starts asking Mommy dearest before saying an I Love You to you.

18. Mr. Confusion

This is one man who will never give you a straight answer. He doesn't intend to be rude but he is really just confused. He doesn't have an opinion to stand by it, and he is always in a state of confusion. Ranging from what to wear, to whether or not he is in love with you, everything seems blurry to him. Help clear his confusion a bit, by walking out on him!

P.S. I am against stereotypes too! This article is meant just for fun and doesn't intend to demean anyone in any way. Hope you had a good read!


  1. thanks for that P.S. but still no man is left
    all are under these 18 categories

  2. Hahaha ! I am working on an opposite post soon! You won't be disappointed Sonam :)