Sunday, 8 January 2017

What are friends for?

I sat in my office cafeteria eating lunch, all by myself, as none of my friends had turned up to work that day; and I started thinking to myself how miserable it is to be eating alone in a room full of people. I had often spotted people eating alone at work; and I always offered them to join me and my group- made me wonder why no one was offering me to join them.It wasn't really hard though; I was probably making it seem like a big deal in my head- sitting there, eating alone. Life is full of bigger and more real struggles; I thought, What had been the most hardest times of my life? The hardest of things that I've had to deal with in the past- I began to ponder.

Cramming up for those exams? Walking up to my crush with the fear of rejection scaring me to death? Struggling at work? Worrying about my health issues? Crying about not having my life figured out while my friends found their 'happily ever afters'? None. The hardest times have been the heartbreaks; and to deal with them. I never thought I'd survive a heartbreak- ever; yet here I am- have loved and lost, have suffered and recovered- but the heart still beats!

I have the most stubborn heart I feel- the kind that gets shattered into a million pieces; yet still doesn't lose it's ability to love with each of those pieces; that can see the heartbreak coming yet still wants to take a chance; that never gives up and is always trying to fix itself. So for me, 'heartbreak' isn't a once in a lifetime thing- It's something that happens each time I decide to give myself a chance, to give someone else a chance, to give love a chance, to give life a chance. It's not because I'm overly trusting, or I give to many chances, or fall in love easily- It's only because my heart is fragile. Won't yours be, after being broken?

But fragility and stubbornness aside, the bottom line is- I've survived, and how. How did I come out of something that seemed so impossible to deal with? It was because of my friends. Our friends are not just our partners in crime, but our support system as well. Theirs are the shoulders you can cry on, theirs are the hands you can hold in difficult times, and theirs are the jokes that never fail to cheer you up. I have been extremely fortunate to have been blessed with the most amazing friends.

Kabir has been there for forever and has never ever left my side. We may or may not have ever spoken about the stuff that bothers us, but our comfortable silences have calmed me down for days at a stretch. Ours is a friendship that doesn't really require words. Piu has been my go to gossip girl. On the days I feel down, a simple call from her telling me about the dramas in her 'sasural' is more than enough. Aryan's fruitful advice to 'fuck my problems' has never failed to inspire me to wipe my tears and move on in life. Naina's mature take on things; and Anand's telling me to just focus on my own self and not date anyone ugly puts things right in perspective for me every single time.

And if i'm still having a bad day? Sanvi takes me out for sheesha at our favorite cafe and we can just sit and talk at length about men and more; Tanya moves the focus from Men to Makeup and I'm all engrossed in no time; Ishant brings in the tastiest food for me to gorge on and forget my worries; Payal cracks the most stupid jokes that still manage to draw a smile on my face and Rajan tries to have a heart to heart but gives in to his impatient listening skills.

All in all, these are the people that help me get through each day, through life. So as 2017 sets in, these are the people that I realise are the most important ones in my life, and will continue to be. These are the people who've been there with me, through all the ups and downs and through thick and thin, and these are the people that deserve my gratitude. I'd thank them here in this post, because they've always been there for me, but no, because they had to be there; After all, what are friends for?

So this year, don't make those stupid resolutions that you can't stick to- make a simple choice. Be there for your friends, at least for those who're always there for you. And love them! because they are the ones that make your life better- worth living. 

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